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The picture below was when I saw it for the first time.  I was running some errons out in the sticks and saw it.  It looked too mint.  Turns out everything was new due to a theft.  I picked it up the next day....

Before N After...

Before:  "The engine that couldn't." The HF D15B2 1.5L SOHC 8 valve 1493cc 62hp at 4500 rpm and 90 ft lb. torque at 2000 rpm to the fly not wheels.  Redline was at a whopping 5k rpm and compression was 9.6-1.

After: "The engine that could!" The JDM H22A 2.2L 2157cc DOHC VTEC 16 valve motor.  11/10/06 200 whp and 168 ft lb. torque.  Right out of the box with Custom 4-2-1 H22A header.  The header makes power.  About 230+ hp to the fly.  Compression is between 10.6-11-1.  Vtec is at 5500 rpm where the old engines redline was 5k rpm.  Redline is at 7200-7800 rpm.  This motor swap was a huge gain about 140+whp and close to 100+ft lb. torque.  3 times the power the stock engine made.  I am still getting great gas mileage between 25-30 mpg.  Bigger the engine the less gas is needed to maintain speed which equals better gas mileage.  Going up hills and mountains is a breeze.

"You get the best of both worlds power and great gas mileage."

1990 Honda Crx HF 2020 lbs. with H22A swap

1993 obd1 JDM H22A with M2B4 LSD Stock Internals besides
SS valves Sk2 cam gears
ESP-net EF H22A motor mount kit
ESP-net EF H22A traction bar system
ESP-net clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system (EZ to push in)
ESP-net D series Upper Alternator/Tensioner Kit
Custom 4-2-1 H22A header and 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust system
3" Short Ram Air Intake with BPI Flow Stack and K&N filter
NGK plug wires and NGK performance plugs
F22A manual tensioner conversion
B&M FPR and Gauge Walbro 255
Stage 3 clutch kit and Fidanza 8 lb flywheel
Secondaries hooked to Vtec
Rywire plug N play harness


Fresh Rio Red paint
J's racing lip

Suspension & Brakes:

ESP-net 3 pt Front Upper Strut Bar
ESP-net 2 pt Rear Lower Strut Bar
KYB AGX 4 way adjustables
DA Skunk2 coilovers
Rhino's adjustable UCA in the front
ES bushings in the front
DA F&R Disc Brakes
DA Brake Booster, MC, and perportioning valve
Brembo rotors F&R
Brembo performance pads
15" Tenzo Sinko's

Onto the engine :)

11/10/06 Dyno Tuned on Fresh Rebuild:  Intec Racing in Kent, WA by Chris, great tuner!

93 JDM H22A, Stock Internals, JDM H22A pistons/rods/cams/valve springs

Custom H22A header 4-2-1 style 2" downpipe runners into 2.5" collector.  WoW this thing makes power!

2.5" mandrel bent exhaust system

3" Air Intake

F22A/H23A Manual Tensioner Swap

P28 Tuned on Crome  200 whp and 168 ft lbs. of torque.  Look at that torque! 



1/4 mile trap speed was a constant 106 mph on street tires this past year.  We will be dialing the car in this spring and hope to see high 12's being achiveable and possibly on street tires.  We have plenty of customers running low 13's completely stock.

Here is a short video of the H22 Crx in action.  Just a simple drive by from a dead stop.  It pulls and pulls hard.  5th gear and still wants to pull.  This is my old setup.  No muffler, lil less power.

Link: (click to play)

Update: 8/4/08

New Setup includes:

2000 JDM H23A Vtec Blue Top

Custom 4-2-1 H22A Header 2.5" collector

3" quick dump exhaust with round magnaflow muffler

3" Short Ram Air Intake with BPI stake and K&N filter

Euro R manifold modified to work from

- Euro R manifold is a very good flowing manifold it does require some modification and will do all the modification for you to make it a bolt on sceneario. -

68mm Performance Products Throttle Body

OBD1 JDM H22A inectors 345cc and Distributor

P28 Crome Tuned

212 whp and 174 ft lbs torque tuned by James at Speed Factory in University Place, (Tacoma) , WA .  He is a really good tuner.


Update 7/10/09 of my Red H23A Vtec Blue Top Crx...

Rebuilt the H23A Vtec above for Turbo.  The build included:

Crower H23 rods, JE 9-1 pistons/rings, Darton MID sleeves, Kaizen Speed Balance shaft eliminator kit, Cometic MLS 60k head gasket, Ferrea SS valves/guides/seals, SuperTech Valve Springs and Retainers, Type S cams, Balanced Assembly, ACT 6 pad sprung Extreme Series clutch kit and 9 lb 1 piece chromoly LSDmotorsports flywheel, Euro R intake manifold and 68mm Performance Products TB

Look under ESP Turbo Kit on our homepage on the right to view the Turbo Kit details.

What did she make power wise?  :)

The car went up to Speed Factory. Dyno sheet is below. 

92 Chevron pump gas

7.2 psi the 338 hp and 278 ft lbs of torque

15 psi 411 hp 340 ft lbs of torque

New Setup: 1/20/2010

Upgraded to larger SC6176e Precision Turbo and Precision 600 hp intercooler

Results nice gain in power :)

New Pictures:

My old LS Crx:

1989 Honda Crx HF

B18A1 LS swap, Megan Racing intake, header, high flow cat., 2 1/4 custom SPW exhaust system, integra radiator, integra disc brackes all around, brembo drilled/slotted rotors, KYB GR2 shocks, Dropzone coilovers, 17" Centerline RPM polished rims wrapped in falken tires, projectors, clear corners, clear bumper lenses, Gen 3 altezzas, Xenon body kit, Aerogear z3 fenders, Jet Black paint job with red metal flake. Best 1/4 mile time 15.0.