Hello, this section is for some Custom One Off High Quality H22/H23V Turbo Pieces.  These are all hand made and hand welded and made upon purchase.  They are some of the nicest that the market has to offer.  Please Email with any other questions or wanting to purchase.  Thanks

Email: ExplicitSpeed360@aol.com


Catch Cans:

ESP/850 Fab "The Jewelry Box" Catch Can and Coolant Can Combo "Small and Compact but big enough for the Big Boys"


Features: - Larger than Normal K&N Filter and Filter Exit on Can - Internally Baffled - Drain back option to motor/oil pan - Sight for Coolant Level - Vibrant Coolant Cap - Coolant 1/4" hose barb fitting - If do not want Drain Back option will come with Black Cap on fitting - Front and Rear Mounting Tabs for easy install Can ONLY with Filter and Sight

$575 Shipped US Can with 10AN Complete Install Kit to Valve Cover/Motor, Black Fittings, 16 ft Black Hose $695 Shipped US.

All Handmade and made upon purchase. Wait time is about 3 weeks upon purchase. May be a little sooner. This Catch Can is more than applicable for the Big Hp Guys. No need to run 2 small filters when 1 Big one will do the job. High Quality K&N Filter is used. It is internally baffled which most Catch Cans are not to ensure nothing getting drain back to motor that you do not want. The Coolant Can uses a Custom 1/4" NPT Aluminum Pipe. Dimensions 5" tall, 6"long, 5" wide. We can also adjust the Drain Back to side or on Front like pictured and Left or Right corner. Will come as pictured if not mentioned on Right Side.

This piece is so nice wasn't sure to install it or put it on the dinning room table as a center piece smile emoticon:) Built by 850 Fab. Designed by ESP/850 Fab Paypal Payment PM or Email with any questions or wanting to purchase ExplicitSpeed360@aol.com


Here is Smaller Catch Can ONLY It can be internally baffled for $40 additional.  Will come with Filter as well.  Add K&N Filter instead for $30 additional.  Made upon purchase will be about 3 weeks.  High Quality Aluminum.

$205 Paypal Payment.

Power Steering Can/Reservoir

ESP/850Fab Power Steering Aluminum Can/Reservoir.  Can alter fitting locations to sutie each car.  It also fits into the OEM V angle bracket/hanger.  Comes with a nice black Cap and black fittings.  Contact for more info and pricing.  ExplicitSpeed360@aol.com


Turbo Manifolds:

H22/H23V Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold

Choice of T3 or T4.  Choice of 38/44/46/60 Wastegate Flanges.  All Materials are Stainless Steel.  Made upon order.  Should be about 3 weeks.

$1250  Paypal Payment

H22/H23V Top Mount

Choice of T3 or T4. Choice of 38/44/46/60 Wastegate flanges.  All Materials are Stainless Steel. Made upon order. Should be about 3 weeks.

This is a Hot Parts Kit which means comes with Turbo Manifold/Downpipe and Dumptube.  Only way being sold saves you also time on making all 3 pieces. 

$2500  Paypal Payment.