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ESP EF H22A Custom Turbo Kit and Build

Quite a few of my customers have asked for a custom ESP EF H22A Turbo Kit that will work with our ESP Motor Mount Kit.  Something that will give them a lil extra power.  Well time has come.  I decided to take apart my H23A Vtec Blue Top Crx and build it for turbo.  However you may be able to boost on stock internals up to 7-9 psi with good tuner.  Stay Tuned.  The kit is in development.  The kit will use nothing but top of the line products.  Estimated power level from 7-9 psi 275 hp and 230 ft lbs torque.   Thanks-John

What is included will be:  IC piping will be 2.5" Hot/Cold Polished Aluminum.  Downpipe will be 14" gauge mild steel.  Added options will be to get the IC piping powder coated any color and downpipe and dumptube for Wastegate.

- T3 Custom SS Turbo Manifold

- Garrett T3/T4e 50 or 57 trim turbo

- 2.5" Hot/Cold IC piping custom and 28"x6.5"x2.75" Intercooler good up to 400hp

- Tial 38mm v band MVS WasteGate and Tial 50mm v band Bov

- 650cc-880cc injectors, need tunable software such as OBD1 p0 or p28 crome/ectune or hondata.

- 3" downpipe, with o2 sensor and flexpipe 1.5" dumptube for Wastegate

- Gaskets, Hoses, SS T bolt clamps, Oil feed and return line kit.

- EG 92-00 Civic Half Size Aftermarket Radiator will be used with a 10-12" slim fan.  Specially made to fit good into the EF chassis.

- ESP Custom Upper D Alternator Kit

- This Kit is complete and is pretty custom to the ESP EF H22A Motor Mount Kit.

- Stay tuned for further info. I will be posting pictures of my build as it goes on.

My Build:

ESP Red H23A Vtec Blue Top Crx.

Internals: Darton MID sleeves, JE 9-1 Pistons, H23 Crower rods, ACL STD bearings, Full Assembly Balanced. SS Ferrea Valves/Guides/Seals, SuperTech Valve Springs and Retainers.  Type S cams.  ACT 6 pad sprung clutch kit and PP.  9 lb LSD motorsports 1 piece flywheel.  Custom T3/To4e turbo. 

Here is the Final Result of the ESP EF H22A Turbo Kit Installed:

The kit is pretty custom and very time involved.  Wait time is about 6 weeks upon purchase.  Price starts out at $4000.00 shipped.  Depending on other options etc. check with me.  All parts are high quality and are not cheap items.

What did she make power wise?  :)

The car went up to Speed Factory James is a great local tuner.  Tuned her on 7/10.  Dyno sheet is below.  Keep in mind my car is built however your numbers will be similar if built or with stock internals and 7 psi.

What is a good stock internal psi for the H22?

I would say with a healthy motor check compression before hand and if okay should be fine with 7-10 psi with a good tuner.  Turbo is a gamble.  There is a lot of factors.  As always building the engine to handle boost is the best option.

92 Chevron pump gas

7.2 psi the 338 hp and 278 ft lbs of torque

15 psi 411 hp 340 ft lbs of torque


Upgraded Larger Turbo and Intercooler to SC6176e Precison Turbo and Precision 600hp Intercooler

Results :)

467 hp and 373 ft lbs torque at same psi as before 15 psi

Overlaped is the old tune with smaller 50 trim turbo and much smaller intercooler.