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---  Goodie Stash Garage Sale ---  12/13/15 

I have a used ESP H22A Header with 3" merge on it for 3" exhaust from flexpipe on.  Was on my personal car made 210 whp 174 trq on H23AV.  Only has a few cosmetic scratches on it.  Willing to sale for $555 Shipped US.  We are not making any more headers.


Want a good flowing header for the buck???

You came to the right place!

We just made 204 whp and 166 ft lbs of torque with this exact header.  It is a 4-2-1 Style header that uses smaller primaries up top 1 5/8" then before dumping into the downpipe spreads to 1 7/8" then into the 2" runners of the downpipe into 2.5" donut style collector.  This is a really good header for the person that doesn't want to spend more then $500+ on a header but wants good results.  The other positive of this header besides power is that it hugs the oil pan nicely about 1/4".  Ideal for us EF H22A and DA H22A people and other hybrid swaps who hate draggin there headers on the street.  We mock every header off an actual engine.  Depending on model and year of H22A there may be small differences like the rear bracket mounting contact us.

EF 88-91 Civic/Crx H22A swaps, DA 90-93 Acura Integra H22A swaps, EG 92-95 Honda Civic H22A swaps, EK 96-01 Honda Civic H22A swaps, DC 94-01 Acura Integra H22A swaps, BB 92-01 Honda Prelude H22A swaps, CB7 90-93 Honda Accord H22A swaps, 94-97 Honda Accord H22A swaps

  • $599 shipped US with the Cerma-Krome coating
  • $535 shipped US with NO COATING RAW
  • 4-2-1 H22A Header
  • 4-2-1 H22A H2B Header
  • Please specify if Header is for an H2B vehicle there are differences between our normal 4-2-1 H22A Header and H2B 4-2-1 H22A Header.
  • We will be discontinuing the header shortly so get them why you can.

The Cerma-Krome comes out white chalky and you use fine steel wool and rub it down and within seconds it comes out shiney.  It's a very durable finish that shows no discolor after a year on my H22A Crx looks the same as the day I put it on.  It's a high temp coating that will also help keep the header temperature down.

Update:  Our customer's H22A crx just made 204 whp and 166 ft lbs. of torque with this header, p28 crome tuned.  Same mods. Same dyno.  Different day.

Mods:  Your basic JDM H22A OBD1 Crate Motor, I/H/E, 3" Short Ram Air Intake, Our custom 4-2-1 H22A header, 2.5" exhaust system, Stage 3 clutch kit and 12 lb flywheel, P28 Crome Tuned. 

Most recent setup in My Crx is a 2000 H23A Vtec Blue Top same mods only things added were a Euro R manifold and a 68mm TB and 3" quick dump exhaust.  James at Speed Factory  [url][/url] tuned the car in Tacoma, WA.  I highly recommend him.

212 whp 174 trq





Customers H23 Vtec Blue Top, same exact setup minus 68mm TB and has 580cc injectors. Black Crx pictured Below.

218hp 178 torque :)



Onto the pictures of the header :)  Our new design uses a better flowing merge shown below with a SS flex pipe.  With the Cerma Krome coating comes out chalky white, more you rub with steel wool the shinier it gets.

From the Top Half Header flange is tapper bored to 1 7/8"

Then dumps into our downpipe which uses 2" runners

Then merges into our 2.5" collector

What they look like installed...

The below pictures shows how nicely the header hugs the Oil Pan :) perfect for lowered cars or engine swaps where ground clearance is an issue.

Installed on a 92-96 Prelude...for those of you worried about it fitting on the Prelude chassis.  It Fits.