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AIM:  ExplicitSpeed360

The H22A/F22/F23 Alternator/Tensioner kit is for either the H or D series alternators on the H22A/F22/F23 engine.  Just switching the factory bracket out will drop a few lbs. and our kit hugs the engine more.  Ideal for motor swaps with no room.  Also looks better then the bulky factory cast iron piece.  The D series alternator is smaller and lighter, smaller pulley, smaller belt, 3 ribbed instead of 6 has less drag and should free up some ponies. If using D series Alternator must be from 88-91 Civic/Crx/Wagon/Sedan has 3 ribbed belt and pulley 92+ have different spacing and is 4 ribbed.  92+ wont work.  From switching the H22A alternator and factory bracket to our kit and the D series alternator there is about 6 lbs in weight savings.  Our kits come complete with bolts, nuts, washers and detailed instructions. 

We can also make the Upper/Lower kits for you H2B guys that removed the balance shafts and are 1/2" over to the passenger side.  Just like Matt's (skunked on H-T) All Motor H2B DC drag car pictured below.  Or if you guys have a Kaizen Speed balance shaft eliminator kit please let us know. 

*If you have the QSD H2B kit like skunked does below.  You will need the 1/2" over kit and run the Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit if you don't want to severly beat your driver side frame rail in for clearance or else it is OEM spec.  Evolution/Bisi kit has more clearance and may run the OEM spec kit.*

***On the EF chassis 88-91 Civic/Crx and H2B you must run either Upper D or H 1/2" over alternator kit.  OEM spec will not clear because of the lack of room on the H2B EF swap on the driver side.  Lower Alternator kits wont work either because how far over it is and the alternator will hit the radius rod.***


We ESP were mentioned in October 2010  Honda Tuning Magazine Issue with a Beautiful H2B (H22) DA Integra.  He is running one of our ESP Upper Alternator Kits.  Back to Back issues :)


NEW Product 2/24/17

4th Gen 92-96 Prelude H22 Power Steering Bracket

- Thinner, Less Weight than factory Bulky Cast Iron piece, Looks a lot cleaner

- For 92-96 Prelude S, SI and SI Vtec Power Steering Pumps

- Comes with all the needed hardware

- $195 Shipped US with New Power Steering Belt.  Comes standard semi gloss black powder coating

-  5th Gen 97-01 Prelude Kits Stay Tuned!!!

Email with Any Questions:

ESP H/F Rear T Bracket, Stronger, Slimmer and Easier to install than OEM!

Win Win!

- Clears Most Lower K style intake manifolds where OEM wont

- Installs ONLY on the driver side no Straddle of the Motor Like OEM which is a pain to get in and out.

Win Win!

$155 Shipped US List! However Purchase a Mount Kit with this and gets Discounted A LOTTT!

Pictured Below is the Low Excessive Intake Mani with 90mm Q45 Throttle Body



H22A/F22/F23 Upper Alternator/Tensioner Kit


Upper H OEM Spec or 1/2" Over Alternator Kit

- Wait time is about 2 weeks upon purchase

$135 shipped US with BELT






Upper D 88-91 OEM Spec or 1/2" Over Alternator Kit

- Wait time is about 2 weeks upon purchase

$135 Shipped US with BELT




Apexi-USA's Time Attack H2B car is running one of our H Series Alternator/Tensioner Kits...


H22A Upper D series Alternator/Tensioner kit picture below. 

H22A Upper H series Alternator/Tensioner kit picture below. 



H22A/F22/F23 Lower Alternator/Tensioner Kit

We just came out with yet another alternator/tensioner bracket kit for the H or D series alternator to run on the H22A/F22/F23 that is mounted even lower then the above kits for high performance all motor and turbo applications to clear intercooler piping and or wild manifold designs.  It's Lowest point is about 2" under the oil pan line. 

Will only work on Accords/Preludes that run our Traction Bar System.  Or EG/EK/DC chassis running NO traction bar system, or don't plan to.

Lower H OEM Spec or 1/2" Over

- Wait time is about 2 weeks upon purchase

$145 Shipped US with BELT




Lower D OEM Spec or 1/2" Over

- Wait time is about 2 weeks upon purchase

$145 Shipped US with BELT






------ NEW Upper PS High Alternator Kit -------

This kit is mainly for those having either issues with turbo manifold position and IC piping issues.  It sits way up high in the PS location. Either option of H Alternator or D Series Alternator.  Pictured Below.

$160 Shipped US WITH BELT

With H Alternator:




With D Alternator:











Belt sizes for the Alternator/Tensioner Kits


Alternator Belt for H Alternators:

$25 Shipped US






Alternator Belt for D Alternators:

$25 Shipped US




 OEM Alternator H22 Pulley is 2 9/16" Less than 2 5/8" 6 rib

OEM Alternator F22/H23 is 5 rib and 2 3/4"   

Alternator/Tensioner kit                                   Length       Store/Part#

Upper H series with OEM 6” crank pulley      32.5"          6 ribbed     

Napa Micro V 060325

Upper F/H23A1 Series with OEM 6" crank pulley   33.5"        5 ribbed

Gates Micro V K050336

Upper D series with OEM 6” crank pulley      32.0"         3 ribbed     

Schucks Goodyear  4030320

Lower H series with OEM 6” crank pulley     30.5"         6 ribbed    

Napa Micro V 25-060305

Lower D series with OEM 6” crank pulley     29.5"         3 ribbed   

Schucks Dayco 5030295