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Don't buy cheap no name Ebay China Mount Kits!!!
I get this a lot.  You save a few dollars and purchase a no name, no brand kit on ebay.  Then it don't fit and or have huge issue on getting to fit.  Axle Alignment issues.  Engine isn't sitting right.  Or just huge slop in the Mounts. Your constantly altering the kit to work and shop is charging you lots of money.  Then you end up buying a legit proven kit like ours.  Skip the first step, save some money and just purchase our ESP proven kits.  We have great customer service on the swap with complete instructions.  Detailed step by step with pictures and can offer replacement parts on all products.



Purchase Information:

Hello feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products or would like to make an order.  Contact info:


AIM:  ExplicitSpeed360


This Motor Mount Kit comes complete with 3 mounts, driver side, rear and transmission mount. This kit is designed to use the transmission factory chassis bracket with modification. This motor mount kit will work with most F and definitely the H series engines. Power Steering is possible with our motor mount kit.

We made this kit because we wanted to produce a kit that will work with PS and have maximum ground clearance especially with lowered cars!

Axles and Midshaft:

90-93 Acura Integra driver side axle

90-93 Acura Integra passenger side axle with an Accord Inner Joint put on it. Insane Shafts  can make you this axle just specify. Also if you get an Accord pass. Side inner joint almost all axle shops will be able to swap it onto the integra axle easily.

90-93 Accord Ex or Lx midshaft. If it has a midshaft in it and it’s a 90-93 Accord that is it.

90-93 Accord Cable Shifter Assembly and Cables or 92+ Prelude. Don’t mix match cables and shifter assembly for either car. will make you a custom plug and play Mil Spec engine harness that will literally take 30 minutes or less to install and looks beautiful and is worth every penny. Just send them your factory civic/integra engine harness and your F or H Series engine harness. Give them a call.


We also carry a EG/DC H22A Front Torque Mount Kit Traction Bar System that will compliment our motor mount kit very well and will aid and prevent wheel hop and torque steer. The Front Torque Mount Kit is adjustable so you can adjust how much tension you want on the front mount.  Real trick setup!  Please check out our Traction Bar System page for further information.  You may also want to pick up oil pan huggin good flowing 4-2-1 H22A header for this swap it will give you good power #'s and maximum ground clearance.







On all passenger side EG/DC transmission chassis brackets there is pilot hole. This will be the new through bolt hole for the transmission mount. Simply drill straight with a ½” drill bit into the pilot hole and through the rear ear of the bracket as well. Just make sure you are straight and level with the drill.



Coming out from the chassis on the rear ear 2" is where to make the cut so the shifter assembly will clear. You can leave the front ear alone.

This is to show the power steering clearance about 1/8" between belt and chassis with factory H22A bracket. Using a 3 ribbed belt in 40" length is needed rather then the factory 4 ribbed belt. Yes it's a tight squeeze. Modifying the lines excepting the H22A PS pump is needed. Most brake or hydraulic shops can make you a custom PS line. You will need to use the Civic/Integra rear cross member hard line end and use the Prelude on the other end. AC should also work with the factory brackets and possibly needing to modify the lines.

90-93 Accord Cable Shifter Assembly or 92+ Prelude and Cables. You will simply make a rectangle incision like below and use at least 2 brackets to hold the shifter assembly in place from below in the exhaust tunnel. You will use your factory hole as a center location where the shifter needs to be. Several test fits of the console may be needed before finally bolting up to make sure the cables clear and there is clearance in between the shifter assembly and the console once in gear.

Final Outcome:

My 95 H23V Blue Top DC2 Integra

208 whp 174 trq