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Don't buy cheap no name Ebay China Mount Kits!!!
I get this a lot.  You save a few dollars and purchase a no name, no brand kit on ebay.  Then it don't fit and or have huge issue on getting to fit.  Axle Alignment issues.  Engine isn't sitting right.  Or just huge slop in the Mounts. Your constantly altering the kit to work and shop is charging you lots of money.  Then you end up buying a legit proven kit like ours.  Skip the first step, save some money and just purchase our ESP proven kits.  We have great customer service on the swap with complete instructions.  Detailed step by step with pictures and can offer replacement parts on all products.


Parts sold, whether specified or not, are sold for off-road use only.  Customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees we hold no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.


Purchase Information:

Hello feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products or would like to make an order.  Contact info:


AIM:  ExplicitSpeed360

This kit is for the hardcore DA enthusiast wanting the ultimate engine swap. This kit is perfected for the ultimate driving experience and it will keep the power on the ground where it needs to be. No violent shaking or vibration. Just a smooth, accelerating driving experience. 

Works with all ABS and Non ABS DA 90-93 Acura Integra's 2 door and 4 door.  All Models, RS,LS,GS and GSR.

This motor swap is a near bolt in.  Requires a tiny bit of clearance on the rear cross member the lip only.   Our instructions that are included are detailed with pictures.  The kit will also require you to drill a new passenger side transmission mount hole.  Which are template is included to show you exactly where the new hole is.  Our detailed instructions will guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions on the installation.  If you are local and would like us to do the install we can do it!

745 whp 492 ft lbs torque 35 psi race gas BW S372 turbo




DA 90-93 Acura Integra H22A Motor Mount Kit complete kit includes:

(1) Driver side motor mount

(1) Rear engine mount

(1) Rear chassis mount

(1) Weld in or bolt in passenger side chassis mount, prefer weld in.

(1) Passenger side motor mount

(1) Alternator upper bracket and bolts

(1) Tensioner bracket for upper (your choice of bracket for either H series or D series alternator).  Pictured below.

(1) Clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system (pictued below)

(1) Passenger side chassis new hole template only for 90-93 DA H22A motor mount kit

$499 shipped US


*If wanting a different color then the standard semi gloss black please contact me Email or Phone after purchasing on site and I will let you know how much additional.  On average depending on color is $20-$30 additional for each kit.  We have roughly 150 colors to choose from.*

****** This is just for the DA H22A Motor Mount Kit and Goodies the DA H22A Packaged Deal is below with the DA H22A Traction Bar System ******* 


If you want the Lower H22A Alternator/Tensioner kit for either H or D series alternators instead of the Upper please let us know an additional $20 will be added onto the motor mount kit price.

The Polyurethane 70A grade inserts are easily replaceable unlike most other kits.  Choice of Black or Red insert colors.  Powder coating finish is semi gloss black.

Upon purchase please include the following:

Year and Model of Car... Ex: 90 Integra LS

Your selection of Red or Black inserts...

Your selection of Upper H or D series Alternator/Tensioner Kits...

DA H22A Key Parts List:

Axle Combo:

  • 90-93 Acura Integra driver side axle (your stock one that is in the car)
  • 90-93 Honda Accord Ex or Lx model midshaft
  • 88-89 Acura Integra passenger side axle that has an Accord 90+ Inner joint put on it. 
  • Insane Shafts sells these axles ready to go.  .  They are under $400 for the set and are good up to 500hp.  Great Quality!

Cable Shifter Assembly:

90-93 Honda Accord cable shifter assembly and cables will work with the swap or 92+ Prelude.  Make sure you keep all the washers and clips organized.

Wiring Options:

90-91 Acura Integra OBD0

92-93 Acura Integra OBD1

OBD0-OBD1 conversion is a must.  2 ways to go about it pick up a RYWIRE ( OBD0-OBD1 jumper harness and doing the wiring your self, mostly extending wires to reach on the H22 engine and maybe a few plug swaps from H22 harness to DA.  Roughly about a day's work.  Easier to do the wiring adjustments when engines out of car.  Or last option is the easiest and which I prefer saves wiring headaches and mistakes.  Purchasing a custom RYWIRE ( OBD0-OBD1 DA H22A plug and play Mil Spec harness already made.  Took me 10 min to put on :).   Looks real nice and simple I use them for all our DA H22 swaps.  I can't say enough good about them.  If you purchase a custom plug and play Mil Spec harness from Rywire make sure you list your Year and Model of DA and which year the H22 engine is and whether it's internal coil distributor or external and which ECU choice your using either P28 modified or P13 Prelude.  92-93 Integra's DA H22A custom plug and play harness will be a little cheaper being that it's already OBD1.  Still some wiring envolved.  Adding Vtec wires and IAB (secondaries) and a few more wire extensions.

DA 90-93 Acura Integra H22A

Packaged Deal

Includes our DA H22A motor mount kit and our DA H22A Traction Bar System.   Specially made for the swap.   Our DA Traction Bar System is a replacement of the stock cross member.  The stock cross member will not work with the swap unless you modify it slightly.  This Package Deal also has a savings off the listed price.  Pictured Below.

$880 shipped US


*If wanting a different color then the standard semi gloss black please contact me Email or Phone after purchasing on site and I will let you know how much additional.  On average depending on color is $20-$30 additional for each kit.  We have roughly 150 colors to choose from.*

***** DA H22A Packaged Deal ***


DA 90-93 Acura Integra H22A clutch cable/hydro conversion kit pictured below

Enables you to adapt the Integra clutch cable to H series transmission clutch fork.  Comes in the DA 90-93 Acura Integra H22A Motor Mount Kit.  Disregard our old clutch cable bracket pictured above in the right hand upper corner.

$175 shipped US when purchase separately



Choice of H or D series Upper Alternator/Tensioner Kits.  Pictured below.

Upper D series Alternator/Tensioner Kit.  Pictured Below.

Upper H series Alternator/Tensioner Kit.  Pictured Below.