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This page is dedicated to our sponsored/customers to show off their rides.  All of you have a good eye for high-end quality products.  We would like to thank you for purchasing from us. 

Please email us pictures of our products on your car and Full Name/Year/Make/Model/Mods and we would be more then happy to post them here.  No more then 4 pictures.  Thanks


Thien Le's EF Crx Running our ESP Traction Bar System and 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar.






Charles Griffice and the Apexi-usa team

EG hatchback with H2B setup running in the Time Attack matches.  They are running one of our H series Alternator/Tensioner Kits.


Matt (H-T Skunked) 1994 Acura Integra GSR


H22A built NA engine running a H2B kit and running a GSR transmission.  He is currently running a 12.23@112 mph 1/4 mile time and is one of the fastest NA DC Integras in the USA.  We are proud to sponsor him and wish him luck in his future record breaking attempts.


Matt (H-T Qveon) Prelude Traction Bar System

1993 Honda Prelude Super Charged with our Prelude Front/Torque Mount Traction Bar System.


Roger Q. (H-T md23vtec) with our Prelude Front/Torque Mount Traction Bar System.

1992 Honda Prelude H22A Fully Built T66 Turbo Charged

Roger is currently persuing the quest to be THE WORLDS FASTEST PRELUDE.  His fastest time to date is 11.0 @ 137.  He needs to run a 10.9 I believe to get that claim.  We think we can help him reach his goal and surpass it.  He will be running one of our off the shelf Prelude Front/Torque Mount Traction Bar Systems.  Good Luck Roger!

Update!!! 11/6/2006 Roger just ran 10.94@138mph and I believe is now the New World's Fastest Prelude!  Great Job Roger!  I believe he was cutting 1.62 60' as well.  Glad we could help you out with getting the record!  Faster times are to also come with his car!


Recently Roger has even done better times 10.61@143 .  He is still the Worlds Fastest BB Prelude.

Another Update!!!!!! 9/24/2010

Roger has recently even gone quicker with a 10.08@144mph .  9's is the goal !!!!

Here is a 10.2 run video:


Another Update 8/11/11:

Roger has done it again and has ran a New Record, Worlds Fastest BB Prelude:  9.65@153

Here is his viedo of one of the previous runs that day that was a 9.7 at IREV

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/6/2011 Roger went 9.33@161 at World Cup Finals Import Vs Domestic this past weekend and made it all Rounds till the last.




Update!!!! 11/6/2011 World Cup Finals in MD
Roger went 9.33@161 
he is going faster and faster!!!
Running our Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F and Solid Motor Mount Kit
Blake aka 98vtec aka q16racer (H-T)
recently went
11.85@116 mph on His H22/H23 All Motor Setup
325 hp
He is running our ESP 97-01 Prelude Traction Bar System
He is the first NA prelude to make it into the 11's !!!

Here is Shawn Rosko's (Rosko H-T) 92-96 BB4 Prelude with our Front Torque Mount Kit Traction Bar System.  Rosko is well known in the Prelude Community for his engineering in his All Motor Prelude that will be breaking into the 12's NA 230+ ponies.  The car is very detailed and clean.  He engineers and makes a lot of custom Honda H22A engine parts.  Check out his site!

Greg Harmsen 1991 Honda Crx with a H22A engine in it using our EF H22A motor mount kit and EF H22A Traction Bar System

He is sponsored by Fuzion.  Car looks great Greg!

David Dunn of Burgaw, NC and his Amazing RWD H22A 1994 Acura Integra GSR

He purchased one of our Prelude Traction Bar Systems with Front/Torque Mount Kit for his RWD H22A Integra!  If it's going to be strong enough for RWD it's going to be overkill for us FWD cars.  His RWD H22A Integra is one of the cleanest done one off cars I have seen.  His attention to detail is a talent as well as his skill with making custom parts.  He has gone into great deail such as swaping dash, door panels, and console from Integra to Prelude.  We wish you good luck on the car we know we will see it in magazines for years to come.  If you have time, check out his progress and write up of the RWD H22A Integra from begining to end the links are below.

Honda-Tech Click Click

One of my favorite pictures with the H22A engine in the back :)