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Parts sold, whether specified or not, are sold for off-road use only.  Customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees we hold no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.

This Section is dedicated to the CB 90-93 Accord, CD 94-97 Accord & 98-02 Accord

ESP Mount Kits

ESP Traction Bar Systems

ESP Solid Strut Bars & Tie Bars 2/3/4 Points

Please Email If interested. Prices will updated Shortly!


Our ESP Honda/Acura Replacement/Aftermarket motor mount kits are made out of 1/4" steel and are made super strong.  Built to last! We use 70A polyurethane for the inserts.  Set includes 3 motor mounts, driver side, passenger side, and rear.  These motor mount kits are much stronger then the OEM piece and the polyurethane inserts will limit the engines movement and improve handeling and help deliver more power to the ground.  Simple bolt in experience.  Toss our your old worn out britle OEM mounts or OEM poly filled mounts or OEM insert mounts.  Adding poly filling and inserts to the old brittle OEM mount is just putting a bandaid on it.  Your still using the old brittle mount and rubber middle.  Toss it out and use our much stronger complete polyurethane mount.  Our ESP Motor Mount Kits are known to be some of the best on the Market. Our Swap Kits are some of the best fitting kits on the Market!  Swap kits feature the best Axle Alignment, Ground Clearance and Hood Clearance as possible.



Don't Buy Cheap No Name Brand Mounts Off Ebay! I get this a lot

  You save a few dollars and purchase a no name, no brand kit on Ebay.  Then it don't fit and or have huge issues on getting it to fit.  Axle Alignment issues. Engine isn't sitting right.  Or just huge slop in the Mounts.  Your constantly altering the kit to work and shop is charging you lots of money.  Then you end up buying a legit proven kit like ours.  Skip the first step, save some money and just purchase our ESP proven kits.  We have great customer service on the swap with complete instructions.  Detailed Step by Step with pictures and can offer replacement parts on all products.


Current ESP Tax Season Sale Prices Below! Limited Time!!!! 


ESP Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit F/H Heading out the Door in Candy Purple!

Just in time for Easter! :)


ESP CB 90-93 Accord/CD 94-97 Accord and 98-02 Accord Traction Bar System without or with Front Torque Mount Kit Hydro B, H/F, and K series fits all Motors

Below is our ESP Traction Bar System with adjustable radius/tie rods and Front Torque Mount Kit option. It is a direct bolt-on with the use of the stock factory bolt holes and radiator. It is built strong and built to last! It's made of 1 1/2" x .170" square tubing and 1/4" thich plate. Square has been proven to be stronger than round tubing at same thickness.  Heim to Heim is the only way to fly.  Others are solid on one end and will cause suspension bind and rubberband effect with delayed Traction. Everything is mild steel. It comes complete with polished aluminum radius/tie rods and chrome-moly heim joints. Also comes powdercoated semi gloss black. 150 Powder Coating Colors Available.  Many Candy and Textured Colors.

  • It is a lot stronger than the factory cross member and stiffens the whole front end up.
  • It will improve your cornering and handling ability.
  • It will give you the strength to launch harder and prevent wheel hop.
  • It will also lower your 60' times.
  • Front Torque Mount Kit will force more power to the ground and is Fully Adjustable with Poly Ends.
  • Works with all D/B/H/F/J/K Motors.

Our Traction Bar Systems are heavily proven under road and race conditions. We have a few customers running 11's and 10's with our Traction Bar Systems. The kid down the street is getting the same identical product. Rest a sure you are getting a great product that will last through tough conditions.

Roger the Worlds Fastest BB Turbo Prelude runs our unit.  Best time to date 9.3@161 mph.

"It's really awesome!!! Keeps the power down to the
ground doesn't break loose in 2nd, on the 2nd stage of
boost anymore. " - Roger


ESP CB 90-93 Accord Solid 2/3/4 Point

Strut Bars & Tie Bar

We have been fabricating custom Solid Strut Bars for the Honda/Acura for years.  Our pieces are just as strong or stronger than any other products out there. They are also at an affordable price.  They will help your car both on and off the track.  Unibody cars have shock tower flex both in  the front and rear.  These strut bars stiffen up your front and rear and will add strength to your chassis.  They offer better handling and will help eliminate shock tower flex.  All of our products are hand made and are high end quality.  They are made from flat 3/16" and square 1" x 1/8" mild steel.  They come with with a semi gloss black powder coated finish. 

              ESP CB 90-93 Accord Tax Season Super Sale 3 Bar Combo Deal! Limited Time Prices!