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My father Dan Gordon and I John, started this adventure together.  I got into Honda/Acura's at a early age.  I have owned a few and they all had swaps done to them.  Once I got into them my father who was always v8 oriented saw the power potential and shortly switched over to the dark side.  I learned everything from my father and the knowledge progressed.  We did all of our fabrication on my cars which lead us to the latest projects and products... we did the H22A EF and H22A DA.  We are origionally from San Diego, CA.  My father has been into cars since he was in his teens and has built cars ground up.  He has owned over 40 hot rods in his life time and has worked on a few too many hot rods.  He has built quite a few race engines and transmissions over the years for various people.  He has worked on a lot of semi famous hot rods.  He is a master fabricator and mechanic and has over 35 years in experience.  He is our main fabricator and back bone.